Why are you digging up the creek?

Although the design calls for certain areas where water will be visible throughout the corridor, many of these will be either areas where Town Branch already exists in the open, such as behind Rupp Arena, or man-made water features being used to allude to the water still buried below. These man-made water features will be designed to be interactive.

Why was the Town Branch put underground in the first place?

Over the course of history and the growth of the City of Lexington, the Town Branch became a source of flooding and other problems in Downtown. It was placed in two culverts below modern day Vine Street to alleviate these problems.

Where is the money coming from?

The Town Branch Trail: Downtown Section includes funding from a diverse set of funding sources:

  • 2016 Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) Grant
  • Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Grant
  • Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Grant
  • Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA) Water and Sewer Loans

This is in addition to local match funds by the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG), the Transit Authority of Lexington (Lextran), and private funding that generated the initial concept design competition and feasibility study.

Town Branch Park will be funded entirely by private donations. Stay tuned for more information about the capital campaign.

What is Karst?

Karst topography is a naturally occurring geologic feature here in the Bluegrass Region made up of a system of limestone that has been eroded down to the bedrock by water. Common features of the Karst geology are sinkholes, boils, springs, and caves.

What’s happening to the parking spots?

Upcoming feasibility work in conjunction with the Lexington Center Corporation will determine a long-term plan to address parking in the Rupp District. Most surface parking is likely to be replaced by parking structures.

How long will the project take?

Town Branch Trail will be completed by 2021. The schedule for Town Branch Park will be determined during upcoming private fundraising feasibility work in conjunction with the Lexington Center Corporation and based on private fundraising.

What kind of environmental impact will this have?

Town Branch Commons will incorporate green infrastructure and stormwater education throughout downtown. Through the addition of bioswales, stormwater-capturing green streets, permeable paving, and educational signage along its downtown corridor, Lexington can improve water quality and quality of life from the inside out.

How do I learn about contracting opportunities for the project?

The City of Lexington will be procuring design and construction contractors for the Town Branch Trail component of the project.

The Town Branch Trail component of the project has a Minority Disadvantaged Business Enterprise plan that includes targeted recruitment of vendors through the Minority Business Expo, construction connection events, pre-bid inclusion events, distribution of opportunities through LFUCG databases, and marketing through local media outlets. To sign up for information about bid opportunities, please register on the City of Lexington Vendor Registration System.